JPM promises garment industry, cotton plants

05Sep 2020
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
JPM promises garment industry, cotton plants

CCM presidential aspirant Dr John Magufuli yesterday promised to set up cotton processing plants and a mega garment factory in the Lake Zone to end woes of farmers and create jobs if he is reelected.

Addressing rallies at Somanda primary school in Bariadi District, Simiyu Region, the incumbent president said he will ensure that by the end of his second term, Lake Zone regions will be equipped with industries to process cotton and other crops grown in the area.

“My plan is to ensure we process our cotton before we export. This will add value to our crops hence empower our farmers,” he said.

The candidate who is seeking re-election said with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus globally, cotton markets were shaken, compelling the government to allow dealers to buy cotton from famers on indicative prices set by the government.

Most of the buyers did not pay the farmers as directed and instead took the crop on loan with famers getting almost nothing, the candidate affirmed.

“We as a listening government decided to pay the famers and as I speak we have paid almost 2bn/-,” he said.

Predicaments facing famers will be a song of the past if the country has industries to add value to the crop, he stated..

Dr Magufuli said that almost half of the cotton produced in the country comes from Simiyu, so the region needs to have a processing plant for the crop so that farmers see the value of their produce.

Explaining the thrust of development projects he has initiated, the president said that globally many countries started with setting up infrastructure which later facilitated and stimulated economic growth through job creation.

Seeking re-election, he took time to list down achievements attained in the region during the past half decade, including the construction of a referral hospital which is now saving lives, especially with expectant mothers and infants.

He said Simiyu region alone has received 36.3bn/- in the last five years for improving health services as well as 73.8bn/- used for education, mainly on desks and building classrooms.

During the rally, Dr Magufuli announced that the government was set to announce the recruitment of 13,000 primary and secondary school teachers any time soon.

“I have talked to the minister responsible for local governments who has assured me that the placements are being arranged. Therefore we are ready to improve education,” he added.

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