JPM uplifts Kahama to municipal status

29Jan 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
JPM uplifts Kahama to municipal status
  • Drama as town director is forgiven, disputed vehicle returned

​​​​​​​PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday elevated the status of Kahama urban centre in Shinyanga Region from town to municipality, setting the stage for a number of mandatory changes to fit the new status.

President John Magufuli.

This means chairman of the erstwhile town council becomes mayor while the town director becomes municipal director, among other aspects.

Among public facilities that will change their designation is the main hospital serving the town, elevated to a municipal hospital and thus entitled to greater attention from the government, including enhanced financing, the president noted.

He also laid the foundation stone for the Kahama District Referral Hospital, whose construction has already reached 65 per cent.

Aware of the financial needs arising from this elevation, Dr Magufuli donated 500m/- on the spot and directed the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Dr Doroth Gwajima who was part of the visiting entourage to proceed with similar fund raising.

The Kahama municipal elevation was made to thunderous applause from the audience after the president laid the foundation stone for Kahama Oil Mills (KOM) factory.

He praised civic leaders in the town for their efforts to attract investors, appreciating the fact that they provided land on which the factory will be put up without squabbles over compensation that dog investments in other parts of the country.

Yesterday’s decision means the region now boasts two municipalities, namely Shinyanga and Kahama; which along with Kishapu, Ushetu and Msalala make up Shinyanga Region.

After praising the good work done in attracting investments, the president used the occasion to announce a waiver of accusations on Kahama Town Director Anderson Msumb.

He was amongst four district directors accused of purchasing expensive official vehicles instead of prioritizing development projects.

Dr Magufuli said Msumba was a hard-working fellow who cooperated very well with town councillors in implementing projects aimed at improving the lives of common people.

“You are doing a very good job; I have forgiven that small mistake. I know there are people fighting you but from now on they should fear you,” he told the gathering.

He went on to say that contrary to accusations of abuse of office fronted by his detractors, the director is not just a workhorse but a very intelligent man.

“I am returning that vehicle to you so that you continue doing the good work,” he added.

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