JPM was not corrupt - says MP Luhaga Mpina

20Apr 2021
The Guardian
JPM was not corrupt - says MP Luhaga Mpina

​​​​​​​KISESA Member of Parliament Luhaga Mpina has used the speech by the Zanzibar President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi by vehemently lashing at critics who rubbish achievements of the fifth Phase government under late President John Magufuli claiming it was corruptible.

Luhaga Mpina.

Addressing reporters here at the weekend, Mpina questioned- who among the corrupt can increase national income and control government expenditure, tame graft and increase development budget from the average of 26 per cent to 40 per cent and enabled the implementation of huge development projects from internal sources?

Mpina which corrupt person can set aside 1.01tr/- towards free education from primary to secondary schools, increase budget for higher education students loans from 378.7bn/- in 2015 to 450bn/- in 2020 thereby enabling children from poor families to access to higher education?

He asked- “which corrupt person can raise the budget for drugs and medical equipment from 31bn/- in 2015 to 270bn/0 in 2020?”

He also asked which corrupt person who since he was Works minister, was able to open up road communications routes, and later as President in constructing networks of tarmac roads, purchase of 11 new planes and construction of new airports.

He also said late president Magufuli was able to increase distribution of electricity to villages from 2m018 villages in 2015 to 9,112 in 2020.

He also said the late President was able to revoke corrupt agreements that were swindling the nation including IPTL, Aggreko, and Yymbiont power that were costing the nation over 719bn/- per year.

Mpina further said the late President managed to eradicate corruption poaching, armed robberies, drug trafficking, killing of people with albinism and road accidents among others.

He added: “I support the Zanzibar president Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi for saying it is exceedingly rare to get leaders of Dr Magufuli’s type.”

He said Tanzania has witnessed the move by the UN General Assembly in its Special 75th session to honour the late president, and recognized his efforts in fighting corruption.

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