Judiciary goes digital, embraces e-justice

25Mar 2020
The Guardian
Judiciary goes digital, embraces e-justice

​​​​​​​COURTS in the country have begun using Information Technology System (ICT) in cases registration and proceedings whose aim is to simplify judiciary services by bringing them closer to the people without them going to the courts physically.

Chief Justice Prof. Ibrahim Juma.

Elucidating about dispensation of judiciary services during the time the country is under the threat of Coronavirus the Chief Justice Prof. Ibrahim Juma said ICT is an important answer in preventing people gatherings of people during proceedings of various cases that will from now on be registered electronically.  

He said rules for e-registration of court cases have been in place since April 13 2018 hence these rules are important now and will be distributed countrywide for the wananchi and other stakeholders to start using them.

“Use of ICT is the fruits of the five-year plan in the improvement of the Judiciary; hence our stakeholders should abide by the set conditions, such as going to courts without crowds, washing hands, and above all, making use of ICT,” said Prof Juma.

He said all criminal cases in Dar es Salaam that are adjourned for various reasons, it will no longer be necessary for the accused at Keko and Segerea remand prisons to come to the courts, instead the cases will be adjourned electronically and soon criminal cases will be e-filed by the relevant authorities via applications that will be prepared for them.

He said the Judiciary has installed modern equipment at the Dar es Salaam Main High Court Registry, including Mbeya and Bukoba.

Others include the Kisutu Training Centre, Lushoto Judicial College, and Keko and Segerea Prisons, and added that efforts to install similar equipment in other remaining areas are continuing.

“I as Judiciary officials at all levels that this is the time to show quality leadership in helping Tanzanians to continue getting just, legal services in a world plagued by the Coronavirus epidemic,” he said.