Jumbos ravage 50 households  

10Jun 2021
The Guardian
Jumbos ravage 50 households  

ELEPHANT herds invaded Igoweko ward, in Igunga District, Tabora Region and consumed 66 acres of food crops including maize, millet and rice causing 50 households to go without food.

Speaking here at Igunga councillors meeting, Igoweka Ward Councillor Omari Hamisi said the jumbos invaded two villages – Igoweko B and Bugingija D and devoured the crops.

Hamisi said he appealed to the government authorities to come to the area to chase away the beasts so as to stop  them from destroying their crops devastation.

For his part, Igunga District natural resources officer Jahulula Edward confirmed the incident saying the crops destroyed include 42 acres of maize, 17 of millet and seven of rice but could not mention the financial loss involved.

He stressed that already he had informed the game warden unit for the West Zone which was expected to arrive in the ward soon to remove the animals and return them to   Unyambiu Forest Reserve.

He said the 25-hectare Unyambiu Forest Reserve  is estimated to hold 800 jumbos and called the residents to stop the habit of inciting the beasts

However, he added that many households are situated near the Reserve area where they easily get invaded by wild animals.

For his part the acting Igunga District executive officer Paecrates Kweyamba mentioned adverse effects experienced by the residents from the jumbos include the loss of food for 50 households.

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