Kagera embarks on regional cleanliness, blood donation campaign

07Dec 2019
The Guardian
Kagera embarks on regional cleanliness, blood donation campaign

AUTHORITIES in Kagera Region have embarked on a special campaign aimed at making the Bukoba Municipality clean as well as donating blood for needy patients in various hospitals.

Brigadier General Marco Gaguti

Led by Kagera Regional Commissioner, Brigadier General Marco Gaguti, the campaign which started on Wednesday is part of the region’s initiatives to mark the 58th country’s independence.

Regional leaders and residents have been cleaning public areas as well as donating blood at the Kagera Regional Referral Hospital.

Speaking soon after cleaning the marketplace, Gaguti said this year’s celebrations will be held in Mwanza where six regions of Mwanza, Mara, Kagera, Simiyu and Geita, all in Lake zone, will be performing various activities.

In another development he called for entrepreneurs to be innovative and creative in boosting their businesses, hence their income in particular and the country’s in general.

“You have many business opportunities for your region borders Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Kenya, even Southern Sudan is the open market for you so grab the chances,” he said.

Explaining on the government’s successes for the past years of our independence in Kagera Region, especially during the fifth phase government, Gaguti said the government has built 14 healthy centres, costing 5.9bn/-, three districts' hospitals worth 4.5bn, and a remarkable rehabilitation of MV Victoria to cost 22.8bn/- which is expected to resume its routine for Mwanza-Kemondo-Bukoba ports in March 2020.

He cited other successes as ongoing renovation of ancient secondary schools of Kahororo, Bukoba, Rugambwa and Kagemu for 3.4bn/ disbursement.

At Kagera Referal Hospital, Gaguti and his team donated 63 half litre bottles of blood out of 400 bottles of that day target.

“The anniversaries will reach the climax on 9th December in Mwanza, this year's theme being ‘Accountability and innovations, pillars of our economy.

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