Kairuki commends Mara region for conceiving investments guidelines

26Feb 2020
The Guardian
Kairuki commends Mara region for conceiving investments guidelines

​​​​​​​MINISTER of State in the Prime Minister’s Office tasked for Investments portfolio,  Angellah Kairuki, yesterday commended  Mara region for its resolve to produce guidelines on investment opportunities which, she said, abound in the region.

Angellah Kairuki

“I have been thrilled by this joint effort of the Mara regional administration and the private sector.  You are determined to produce a document that will help unearth and popularized business and investment opportunities in this region. This effort will finally attract local and foreign investors.  Thank you all for this good job,” the minister told a joint meeting of Mara region’s public and private sector representatives.

The minister, who was accompanied by the Finance Deputy Minister Ashatu Kijaji and Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade Stella Manyanya ,  said she had been encouraged by the enthusiasm and the cooperative spirit of the business community in the region.

She praised the region for establishing a website to guide people on business and investment opportunities, telling the meeting that once the guidelines were out people with big investment capital will have something to guide them on available opportunities.

“The guidelines will be your compass on investment and business opportunities.  It is an effort that will attract huge investments into this region,” she said, adding that business opportunities were available in fisheries, cotton, sugarcane and coffee farming.  Other opportunities abound in fish processing and poultry hatcheries, she said.

Kairuki described the move as a right step in the right direction in promoting the national agenda of making Tanzania a middle-income industrial nation by 2025; the agenda, she said, was being championed vigorously by the current government led by President John Magufuli.

Deputy Minister for Finance, Dr Ashatu Kijaji said the government is equally determined to reduce taxes  and levies in order to create a conducive  business environment, telling the meeting that some 54 taxes and levies have been waived  to achieve that goal.

“We are committed to see the plan of turning Tanzania a medium size and industrial base economy by 2025 is realised. Let’s join our hands to reach our common goal,” she said, calling for private sector to fully exploit the potentials and opportunities available in the region to do business.

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