Kairuki to councils: Be careful when employing extra staff

09May 2017
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Kairuki to councils: Be careful when employing extra staff

MINISTER of State in the President's Office-Public Service Management and Good Governance - Angella Kairuki has warned municipal councils to be careful when employing staff under own-source payment systems to avoid failure when their revenues decrease.

Angella Kairuki

“We normally allow some municipal councils to employ extra staff to cover specific vacancies…this should be done with extra care to avoid a failure in payment as the central government cannot consider paying them,” she noted, warning the councils not to entertain such employment systems.

Kairuki said that Lushoto Municipal Council in Tanga Region had a total of 116 staff employed under the own-source payment system, saying the government would not pay them and instead planned to provide the authority with 252 new employees in the coming 2017/18 financial year.

She said that of the 252 new employees, some would be employed in sectors such as health (54), education (132), agriculture (10), livestock (5) and 51 others in various other sectors.
She said that more than 15,000 new employees would soon be allocated to various districts across the country.

Kairuki was responding to an additional question by Mlalo legislator Rashid Shangazi (CCM) who asked the government to issue a statement on its plans to cover the 115 posts which were left vacant following the recent fake academic certificates saga.

In his basic question, Shangazi wanted the government to assist Lushoto municipal council to pay the 28m/- it was spending monthly to pay its extra staff. He said the money was supposed to be paid by the central government through the ministry of State- Public Service Management and Good Governance.

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