Kaliua district council ends crippling shortage of classrooms

11Jul 2020
The Guardian
Kaliua district council ends crippling shortage of classrooms

TABORA Regional Commissioner, Dr Philemon Sengati yesterday applauded authorities in Kaliua district council for successfully ending the shortage of classrooms in primary and secondary schools.

Tabora Regional Commissioner, Dr Philemon Sengati.

Dr Sengati made the remarks during his visit to inspect various development projects implemented in the district including construction of the office of the District Commissioner and three additional buildings for the district hospital

“I congratulate the staff as well as residents of Kaliua District for coming with plans that enabled improvement of learning infrastructures in schools and construction of classes and teachers’ houses,” he said.

According to him, authorities in the district have been innovative in ensuring they find solutions to the problems facing public schools.

He called upon other districts to emulate the Kaliua district’s spirit to make sure they improve the learning environment at both primary and secondary schools. He urged the districts to also construct houses for teachers.

Reading a projects’ implementation report, Kaliua District Administrative Secretary (DAS) Simon Nyahinga said that the district has since 2016 decided to invest and put more efforts in adult education so as to improve education, health and agricultural sectors by using the community.

Nyahinga said that through the adult education programme, they have managed to strengthen unity and development in society.

He also said that community participation in development projects including building schools and purchasing equipment.

“The public has participated to produce a total of 1.9 million bricks, built 93 classrooms, 69 latrines and eleven teachers’ houses in various primary schools. On the side of secondary schools, the public engaged in producing over 600,000 bricks, built 56 classrooms and 36 latrines,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Regional Commissioner commended staff and leaders in Kaliua for supervising well the implantation of development projects including the hospital’s buildings as well as DC’s office.

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