Kibaha hospital sets up quarantine centre for Coronavirus victims

30Mar 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Kibaha hospital sets up quarantine centre for Coronavirus victims

​​​​​​​PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa at the weekend visited Kibaha district hospital in Coast region that has been earmarked to accommodate and treat people who will be diagnosed with Covid-19 saying he was satisfied with the hospital’s preparedness.

Speaking to the wananchi after inspecting the hospital, the Prime Minister said the government continues to take various measures in confronting the Covid-19 menace whereas as of now all people entering the country through airports, road entry points and sea ports must be medically examined and if found to have Covid-19 infections they should be isolated  at special designated areas for 14 days.

“We are in particular very observant in respect of those coming from Covid-19 infected countries – we examine them and follow their journey’s history including which other countries they passed,” he said.

The Prime Minister said these are housed in designated areas where they undergo diagnostic tests on daily basis, adding “a person can appear without infection today but has Covid-19 infection that may not be detected in tests, and if after 14 days his test will still   negative he is allowed to go and join his or her family.”

He also stressed upon the citizens to continue abiding by government instructions in taking precautionary measures against Covid-9 infection including avoidance of gatherings and for those travelling in public transport they should avoid tight congestion.

He said for those going to the markets  must ensure to keep distance from a person to person and before entering the shops they should wash  their hands with soap and running water.

Meanwhile, Majaliwa said the government has started taking steps  for all those who are misleading other people on Covid-19 reports and added “the one who said schools will be opened had already been arrested.” 

Hence he called upon the wananchi to be alert with reports by people who are not official spokes persons.

He said such reports will only be issued by the Prime Minister, the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elders and Children, and the government spokesman.