Kigoma NHC collects 70 pc rent of target

22Jan 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Kigoma NHC collects 70 pc rent of target

THE National Housing Corporation (NHC) in Kigoma region has collected 618,246,592, equivalent to 70 per cent of collection as by December 2019 whilst its target was to collect 50 percent.

Presenting yesterday rent collections report from NHC projects, for the year 2019/20 to the Lands Sector in Kigoma Region the Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development Dr Angeline Mabula  the acting NHC manager for Kigoma region Ramadhani Sadick said the Corporation was targeted to collect 886,732,105/- and that the surplus collected was due good relationship with its customers as well as goo services rendered.

Sadick said NHC has been making deliberate efforts to ensure it improves                              relationship with its tenants to ensure there is a state of openness aimed to reduce conflicts.

Explaining on the market situation, Sadick said NHC has been doing research from time to time to ensure its prices go in tandem with market trends.

On houses that are for sale at Mlole project, Sadick said NHC built 36 units out of which 26 were sold and the remaining 13 were rented to tenants who were given the opportunity to purchase them when needed.

He said the opportunity is also available to any citizen who wants to buy a house that is rented where the rent agreement for a buyer who is not a tenant to buy any house of his preference.

Dr Mabula called upon the Corporation in Kigoma region to look for the best ways to work together with district councils to build houses for their staff and workers.

She said in order to ensure NHC builds low cost houses for Council employees it should be allocated land plots while it works on infrastructures and other incidental costs should be borne by the councils.