Kilimo Kwanza pull-out gets global recognition

20Jun 2016
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The Guardian
Kilimo Kwanza pull-out gets global recognition

THE Guardian through its ‘Kilimo Kwanza’ pull-out has been selected among the African media’s case study in encouraging African journalists to focus on development issues.

Angel Navuri (r) Head of Supplements at The Guardian Limited.

According to the US mission in Rome, the selection was conducted by US mission where as more than 50 African journalists who were focusing on reporting on development issues and handling agriculture editions submitted their presentations to mission giving a brief of the editions and the impact, achievement and the way forward of the edition.

Angel Navuri, who is the in-charge of The Guardian’s Kilimo Kwanza pull-out, will be among the African journalists who will visit the Rome-based UN agencies, such as Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and World Food Programme (WFP).

The visit is meant to enhance media engagement on sustainable agriculture, food security, entrepreneurship and agribusiness and slowing youth rural to urban migration.

Other journalists who will trave to Rome will come from Timor Leste, Rwanda, Malawi and Uganda.

During the trip, Navuri will also present the edition for creating a platform for young Tanzanians to venture into farming as one of the sectors that create job opportunities. The edition will inform them on how to get into agribusiness, and discourage the job-seeking syndrome by encouraging them to be job creators.

The Guardian’s Kilimo Kwanza pull-out is aimed at bridging the communication gaps that exist amongst the various agricultural sector stakeholders from policy makers and all the way to small scale farmers who constitute the majority of the farming population.

The 7-year-old Kilimo Kwanza pull-out whose news are available in Kwahili language performs its role by facilitating the creation of awareness and feedback linkages amongst the various stakeholder groups in the sector including communication of policies to stakeholders

In 2012, The Guardian’s Kilimo Kwanza pull-out was recognized by African Green Revolution Forum as the leading media project in East Africa in disseminating agriculture information.

In 2014 The Guardian ‘Kilimo Kwanza’ project was selected by the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation as a case study in the eastern African region to encourage other media companies to widen coverage on agricultural issues.

Recently, the pull-out was used as a case study at a training which involved 50 African journalists in Ivory Coast. The training was organized by the World Bank in Washington DC, African Media Initiative and the Africa Development Bank.

The Kilimo Kwanza project was launched in 2009 in partnership with International center for journalists (ICFJ) through its Knight international journalism fellowships programme.

Currently, the Kilimo Kwanza project works together with many agricultural stakeholders including BEST-Dialogue, agriculture council of Tanzania, Tanzania Milk Processors Association, Tanzania Horticulture Association, Gatsby Trust Fund, Heifer International , Agriculture Non-State Actors Forum (ANSAF) and Eastern Africa Farmers Federation.

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