The killing of elephants has decreased by 45%

07Aug 2017
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
The killing of elephants has decreased by 45%

It has been explained that the killing of elephants in various National Parks has decreased by 45% and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has succeeded in arresting 1, 726 poachers in one year.

At the same time, tax revenue from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) has reached 102 billion shillings, with revenue drawn from the forest reserve being 101 billion shillings due to the use of the new electronic system of tax revenue collection.

Speaking to journalists at the end of last week, the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Professor Jumanne Maghembe said that the large tax revenue collected was as a result of a special group formed to combat the scourge of poaching within the confines of various National Parks.

Professor Jumanne Maghembe said that they have succeeded in arresting nine government employees who work in the tourism sector and they are expected to take these arrested individuals to court to answer charges of untrustworthiness in the discharge of their duties.