Kitulo National Park returns disappeared wildlife species

07May 2020
The Guardian
Kitulo National Park returns disappeared wildlife species

​​​​​​​KITULO National Park authorities have embarked on a drive to return wild animals that had disappeared from the park for several decades due to human activities before the area became a national park.

Kitulo National Park

Speaking to this paper early this week, Kitulo National Park Conservation Officer Susan Tesha said before the start of the exercise they did some research from elders living around the park who said there were wild animals living in Kitulo area before it became a national park.

“These elders have been a great help in identifying the species of wildlife that existed in the park before the advent of human activities,” she said.

She said until now they have managed to bring back to the park zebras and sable antelopes.

She said in addition the park plans to bring pack other wildlife species including one known as the ‘Kuro.’

She said many attractions including beautiful flowers, various birds species, waterfalls and wildlife will attract more tourists to visit the Park which is easily accessible at all times.

She said up to now there is good cooperation between the park’s management and local residents to ensure it is protected for future generations.