KOICA donates items to children ward at Temeke referral hospital

04Sep 2022
Beatrice Philemon
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
KOICA donates items to children ward at Temeke referral hospital

KOREAN International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)’s volunteers have donated various items to the paediatric ward at the Temeke regional referral hospital in Temeke District, Dar es Salaam as part of the strong existing friendship between South Korea and Tanzania.

KOICA country director, Kyucheol Eo said yesterday that the items are aimed at consoling the children who are suffering from different diseases.

The volunteers donated diapers for children, T-shirts, Johnson’s baby soap, milk powder, and OMO soap, piggy bank to save their money, juice, biscuits and other items.

Six-year-old, Swaumu Hussein, a resident of Kiwalani Bombom Street, in the district who was hospitalized for Sickle cell disease hailed KOICA volunteers for their support.

“I am happy that the Korean volunteers visited us and taught us how to draw South Korea and Tanzania flags as well as paint animal masks that include rabbit, lion, cheetah, and other animals,” she said.

She commended KOICA volunteers for spending their time and donating items to children suffering from different diseases at the children's ward.

The sister In- charge of the Paediatric ward, Jesca Marinya said a total of 24 children suffering from cerebral palsy disease, cerebral malaria, sickle cell, severe malnutrition, infectious conditions, surgical patient, tonsillitis, broken leg and others received various items and enjoyed drawing the national flag of South Korea and Tanzania including animal mask.

She expressed gratitude to KOICA volunteers for their donation saying the children got a chance to take a picture with KOICA volunteers drawing flags with them and Temeke staff.

She called on KOICA to support them to get training on integrated management of acute malnutrition, integrated management of childhood illness and management of new born resuscitation.

KOICA volunteer Dahyang Goh said; “Today was a different experience playing with children because I was taken back to my childhood days. I pray for the children’s speedy recovery not only in the Temeke Regional Hospital but also in other hospitals.”

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