Kongwa DC calls for speed up of construction pace of VETA college

05Sep 2020
The Guardian
Kongwa DC calls for speed up of construction pace of VETA college

​​​​​​​KONGWA District Commissioner, Dr Selemani Serera has directed authorities supervising construction of the Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA) College to complete the job by September 30th this year.

Minister for Education, Science and Technology Prof Joyce Ndalichako.

He made the directive here yesterday during his tour to inspect the project’s progress implementation. He was concerned that there are many youth in the district who are waiting to be enrolled at the vocational college.

“I want this project to be completed by September 30th, there are many youth waiting to undertake various vocational courses”, said the District Commissioner noting the district aims to churn out a big number of human resources with skills for sustainable industrial development..

Dr Serera added that the district is working on strategies to improve the current education system by coming up with methodologies which will ensure better academic performances to primary school students.  

“We want to improve academic performance amongst O-Level secondary school leavers; we want to more youth to join A-Level secondary school education,” he said.

Kongwa District Executive Director, Dr Omary Mkulo promised to work on the DC directives saying the contractor will have to work day and night to complete the project within the deadline.

He said they have so far completed construction of 13 buildings, noting the contractor is now doing final touches. He said the college has been constructed as per required standards.

Chairman of the project implementation committee, Paschalina Duwe said a total of 2.137bn/- have been allocated for the project whereas they have so far spent over 1bn/- for construction of 13 buildings which comprises classrooms.

“This project is implemented using a ‘force account’, the delays has been caused with poor road infrastructures that affects transportation of construction materials. Some materials from abroad were delayed due to lockdowns caused by outbreak of the novel coronavirus,” said Duwe.

In July this year, when inaugurating the Ileje District VETA College, Minister for Education, Science and Technology Prof Joyce Ndalichako said the government plans to finalize the construction of VETA colleges in all regions and districts in the country by 2025.

She said to reach that goal the government through her ministry continues to allocate funds for the construction of the colleges that are in various stages of construction, whilst in some regions they are already complete.

She said in the fiscal year 2019/20, the government set aside over 40bn/- for the construction of VETA colleges in 25 districts.

Prof Ndalichako called upon parents and guardians to take their youth to the colleges already built to acquire skills that will enable them get employment or in self-employment by establishing small factories.

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