Korea supports projects worth US$300million in the country

02Dec 2016
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
Korea supports projects worth US$300million in the country

TANZANIA is expected to enjoy the financial support of US$300million from the Republic of Korea to finance various development projects in electricity, industries and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector for five years to come.

Head of communication department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, East Africa Regional Cooperation, Mindi Kasiga told reporters yesterday in Dar es Salaam in a press briefing concerning the Korean-Africa ministerial forum to be held next week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

‘’The country is among four Korean’s selected nations from Africa that will establish strategic partnerships to enable them to receive financial support and soft loans for five years to come,’’ she said.

The official added that Korea-Africa ministerial forum scheduled for 6-7th in December is the first summit to be held in Africa after three summits that were held in Seoul, Korea.

The forum has been prepared by the Republic of Korean government in collaboration with Africa Union (AU) is focusing on strengthening collaboration together with setting out new major areas of collaborations between Korea and Africa nations for the next three years.

The forum will be attended by ministers from Africa nations whereby the Minister for Foreign Affairs, East Africa, Regional and International Co-operation is expected to represent Tanzania at the forum.

During the forum, the delegation from Tanzania will utilize the forum to ask the Korean government to foster the implementation of their projects including the Salender Bridge project which is scheduled to commence next year to 2020.

She said since the inception of the forum in 2006, Tanzania has benefited with various projects including the project to develop seaweed production in Zanzibar with total amount of US$3.6million, likewise the second phase reproductive health examination services in Dar es Salaam with total amount of US$4million.

Kasiga added that Republic of Korea government has also agreed with the government to execute several projects including the construction of Kikwete bridge in Malagarasi river in Kigoma Region, construction of international hospital located at Mloganzila in Dar es Salaam Region.

Also the construction of mother and child hospital at Chanika in Ilala District as well as the plan to expand the sewerage system in Dar es Salaam.

In March 2015 Korea agreed to give funds for the construction of a new Salender bridge, a major access point for many people accessing Dar es Salaam city centre.The new bridge would be the alternative to the current Salender Bridge structure.

The new bridge and road on either side will be 7.2km long with capacity to accommodate 61,000 passing vehicles per day.

Salender Bridge connects the city centre to the northern Oyster Bay neighbourhood. It was constructed in 1929 and is named after John Einar Salender, Tanganyika's first Director of Public Works.

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