Korean NGO supports 9,000 children with free health care services

19Dec 2018
The Guardian
Korean NGO supports 9,000 children with free health care services

KOREAN International NGO—United Help for International Children (UHIC) has supported over 9,000 children under the age ten years in three districts of Tanga Region with free health care services from January and November, this year.


The health care services are offered through a Child disease Prevention Project, which involves children from 20 villages in the three districts of Tanga region.

According to the project manager Dr Regis Temba, about 9,480 children from Muheza, Pangani and Tanga districts have been given free health care services for 12 top diseases for children such as Air Respiratory Diseases (ARI), skin diseases and diarrhoea.

Dr Temba said that 973 children were vaccinated against diseases, while 220 children received other services during the period of eleven month.

 The project manager said that during the implementation of the project 13 public health centers were involved.

Acting Regional Medical Officer (RMO), Clemence Marcel commended UHIC for implementing the project, which has been a very useful tool in improving child welfare in Tanga region.

Dr Marcel also asked UHIC to expand their services to cover all the eight districts in the region saying it would help in reducing child mortality rates and diseases among children.

Korean organization’s director, Seyong Shin said UHIC is an international development NGO that does its best to save children’s lives from starvation, disease, natural disaster and help them live in a better environment.