Kubenea: Private motion to ratify human rights protocol coming

12Aug 2019
James Kandoya
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Kubenea: Private motion to ratify human rights protocol coming

UBUNGO MP Said Kubenea yesterday said he will table a private motion in the National Assembly demanding that the country ratifies and domesticate the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Africa.

UBUNGO MP Said Kubenea.

Kubenea (Chadema) announced this intention at a press conference in Dar es Salaam, noting that he would submit a letter of attention to the Clerk to the National Assembly today.

Since the government has signed the protocol as from last year, it is time to ratify it and domesticate it, the MP contended.

In the African Union summit last year the state parties agreed and signed the protocol including Tanzania, in which case it is vital to ratify it, he said.

Kubenea specified that apart from ratifying the protocol, there is also need to review the law on human and people’s rights on the rights of persons with disabilities in the country.

“The regulation stipulates that I’m obliged to submit a letter before the next parliamentary session commencing September 1 and I will do so,” he said.

He called upon fellow MPs to join hand in the effort to ensure that the rights of people with albinism are explicitly promulgated, for the government to ratify the protocol.

People with albinism were in danger of disappearing due to killings and injuries  associated with witchcraft in many parts of the country, he said in alarm.

“Unless we take the issue seriously, our brothers, sisters and children with albinism will disappear completely,” he said.

He said among AU member states only Morocco had signed, “but for the wellbeing of our people with albinism it is the right time to ratify it.”

For his part, Under The Same Sun (UTSS) Legal Officer Maduhu William called on parliamentarians to support their colleague in his intention to fight for their rights.

“We, people with albinism are living under threats of being kidnapped or killed. We therefore call on the MPs to play their part in ensuring the protocol is ratified,” he said.

Musa Geuza, the chairman of people living with albinism in Ubungo district, said that they need their rights to be sufficiently recognized in the law –including district councils to set aside funds for assisting with sun skin lotion.

Currently it is not legally binding for district councils to set aside funds to procure the lotions but the protocol has clearly stated t his need as key to protect PwA.

“We need the government to ratify and domesticate the protocol so that this can be implemented legally in the country,” he added.