Lake Victoria's Island in dire shortage of health workers

12Feb 2020
The Guardian
Lake Victoria's Island in dire shortage of health workers

​​​​​​​LAKE Victoria's island of Sizu is in a serious shortage of health personnel the situation that put thousands of residents at risk.

The island has more than 6,000 people without reliable healthcare services the situation that puts more women and children at serious risks.

This was said by the assistant medical officer at Sizu dispensary,

Elizabeth Amos, when presenting a report on the dispensary.

She said the centre has only two health workers who provide services to residents at the area and beyond.

She said the common diseases at the area are malaria, Urinary infection disease, diarrhea, worms, and pneumonia and skin diseases.

Amos added that drug availability at the centre has improved for 80 percent, as a total number of 13 women give birth every month at the dispensary.

"The biggest challenge is shortage of health workers, patients building, electricity, ambulance service, poor use of national health insurance service and the habit of some women to give birth at their homes,” she explained.

For his part, Ukerewe District Medical Officer (DMO) Dr Raphael Mhana said the government continues to employ new health workers to address the existing shortage.

Dr Mhana added: “The dispensary has a plan to cut down the number of maternal mortality rate and child mortality by encouraging women to give birth at the health centre as well as attending clinic during pregnancy.”

However, for his part the Mwanza Regional Commissioner John Mongella questioned on the poor distribution of drugs after witnessing only 25 patient’s cards out of 300 patients who have been recorded to receive drugs.

The RC said they will see how the dispensary will be rehabilitated and expanded in order to ensure quality health service to the people at the area.

The RC called on the public to be responsible in protecting various resources in order to make it useful for the future generation.

Monica Magesa, a Sizu resident, said sometimes they fail to access health services at the centre because of the absenteeism of health workers who left the dispensary closed.

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