Land officials held over multiple plot allocations

05Aug 2021
The Guardian
Land officials held over multiple plot allocations

​​​​​​​TEN individuals including a ruling party cadre are being held here for allegedly presiding over multiple allocations of parcels of land in Kibaha town, Coast Region, fueling endless conflicts among residents.

Abubakar Kunenge.

Picha ya Ndege ward CCM chairman Godfrey Mwaipopo is suspected of using his influence with local government officials in the sale certain land plots to different individuals for personal gain.

The arrests were ordered yesterday by Regional Commissioner Abubakar Kunenge at a meeting with Lulazi area residents who have been facing land conflicts for a long time. The regional authorities are determined to crush land cartels that cause continual conflicts, he stated.

The RC acted after separate individuals produced land occupancy transfer agreements for the same pieces bearing signatures of local authorities, sowing feuds and animosities among residents.

At the meeting, the RC ordered for the detention of Mwaipopo and nine others for interrogation by the police on accusations of selling farm zones and plots, where one plot was demonstrated to have been allocated to more than one person.

He told land fraudsters in the region to hang their boots as the end had arrived, noting that he was not ready to tolerate any person selling land plots with title deeds to different people, as that creates unnecessary conflicts.

He said he has names of ten officials suspected of involvement in illegal land sales, where some sold a plot with conflicting ownership and placed under court order. This endangers peace in the area, he declared.

Even where a plot was under court order, surprisingly there were still people using counterfeit documents to sell such plots, citing the case of the family of one Said Salim.

“We want to provide some lessons to fraudsters and other land middlemen that we shall not fear anybody, even if they are government or party officials,” he stated, insisting that the ongoing crackdown will be fully implemented according to the law. 

He directed the District Police Officer in Command (OCD) to make sure all those mentioned in the land peddling habit are arrested for interrogation and other legal steps where relevant.

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