Legislator criticises govt for investing heavily on ant-riot gear

03May 2016
Felister Peter
The Guardian
Legislator criticises govt for investing heavily on ant-riot gear

KONDE legislator Khatibu Haji Suleimani (CUF) has criticized the Ministry of Home Affairs for allocating sufficient funds for buying
police ant-riot gear instead of purchasing vehicles for patrols, fuel and improvement of various police stations in the country.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Hamad Masauni

According to Suleimani, the anti-riot police gear was aimed at weakening opposition political parties.He said law enforcers had failed to reduce and stop crime incidents due to shortageof various working tools, including patrol vehicles and fuel.

Suleimani said the government has been spending billions of shillings to buy teargas canisters, anti riot water cannon trucks and other gear
with the intention of stopping the opposition from executing theirpolitical responsibilities.

The legislator was asking a supplementary question to the government through the Ministry of Home Affairs over its decision to send many
police officers and new vehicles in Zanzibar.

He insisted that the police officers dealt with innocent people during the elections.Responding, Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Hamad Yusuf Masauni told
Members of Parliament that the government was responsible for protecting wananchi and their properties during and after the General

He said the country’s peace prevailed because of the governments’ proper allocation of resources to ensure security through the whole period.
“We are doing everything to ensure peace and security in the country...the government will continue to protect its people and ensure their
security even when elections are over,” he said.

However, the Deputy Minister said the government has recently provided new vehicles to all districts in the country including Nkasi
District in Rukwa Region.

He said the government will boost fuel allocation when the financial situation improves. He was responding to a question by Ally Keissy (Nkasi North-CCM)
who wanted to know when the government would purchase a vehicle and motorcycle for Kipili Police Station in Nkasi District.

Keissy said Nkasi District needed enough patrol vehicles and enough fuel for police officers to be able to enhance security
at the area and along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

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