Lindi poultry farmers cry foul over poultry diseases

13Jul 2018
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Lindi poultry farmers cry foul over poultry diseases
  • THE government has been urged to deploy more poultry experts in the rural areas where poultry diseases are rampant.

According to some of the beneficiaries of the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) in Nachingwea district, Lindi region, the disease that attacks chicken yearly has been a stumbling block to poverty eradication in the region.

Speaking in Lindi during an assessment visit by TASAF officials to Mapochelo and Mkatapori and Naipingo villages, the beneficiaries said they lack experts who can guide them on proper ways of rearing their chicken, making most of their chicken to die of diseases.

The beneficiaries suggested that along with the experts, the villagers should also be equipped with skills and medicines to be able to manage diseases even when the experts are not there.

Somoe Mambale, a resident at Mapochelo village said that after she received grants from TASAF she decided to embark on a 50 poultry small scale project which has since been swept away by the diseases.

Octavian Chowaji (66), a resident of Mapochelo village has also lost his poultry to the diseases. He has since made a loss from his project.

“This was the only way i thought could help me raise income for my children and family and improve my living standards.” Said Chowaji.

He said a disease popularly known as ‘Kideli has been notorious in claiming their chicken but experts have not been able to contain it.

“I however commend TASAF because it has transformed my life and through this programme I have funds to put in the farm, poultry farming, and other small businesses,”Chowaji said. .

Hamis Chibwana (72),a Naipingo village résident called for expert’s help, saying that it was possible that they lack the knowledge to handle the disease in a proper manner.

TASAF Coordinator in Nachingwea,James Mbakile, said that they have been providing education among its beneficiaries in the aspects especially business and entrepreneurship skills to help the beneficiaries to get rid of poverty.

He however cited shortage of extension officers as another challenge which needs intervention to ensure that all villages are reached with information .

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