Lissu: Health is top priority

04Sep 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Lissu: Health is top priority

CHADEMA presidential candidate Tundu Lissu yesterday said that if elected, extending health insurance to all Tanzanians will be his first and foremost priority.

Tundu Lissu

Addressing a public rally in Tabora, Lissu said that the current health delivery system doesn’t ensure that people actually access healthcare facilities.

The candidate said that if elected, his government will ensure everyone is eligible for health insurance, contrary to the current system whereby there are just a few people who benefit from the scheme.

“I have enough experience on this. When I was in Belgium I was treated using a health insurance card. I know health issues are expensive for an individual to pay from his or her pocket, that's why if elected I'll take this issue very seriously for the betterment of lives of Tanzanians,” he said.

 Lissu maintained that health is a key determinant of an individual’s and national potentials to prosper over a certain period of time.

A better health condition crosses these limits as it translates into an increased probability of one to grow in income generating activities, he stated.

“In a country where an individual can have access to better health care, the wider economy grows easily,” he asserted, which makes health insurance a priority.

“It is distressing to see people dying due to inability of the patients or relatives to cover treatment costs,” he told the gathering.

A Chadema-led government will train its gaze on human development rather than physical facilities, he declared, telling the crowd that to him “human development is everything when it comes to the country’s development.”

The candidate emphasized that true freedom and human dignity will be preserved in his administration, “as these are key pillars of democracy and development.”

Lissu spent months in a Brussels hospital for specialized treatment after being shot multiple times by yet-to-be-identified assailants on September 7, 2017 while on official parliamentary duties in Dodoma.

Upon his return, the politician was rapidly nominated by Chadema as its presidential candidate at the party’s general council.

The party's deputy secretary general (Zanzibar), Salum Mwalimu is the running mate while Said Issa Mohamed was picked as Chadema presidential candidate for Zanzibar.

Lissu who collected 405 votes in the nomination process defeated the party’s central zone chairman Lazaro Nyalandu and Dr Mayrose Majinge who collected 36 votes and one vote respectively.

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