Lissu makes video conference as Chadema central committee met

19Dec 2019
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Dar es Salaam
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Lissu makes video conference as Chadema central committee met

THE Chadema director of legal affairs, Tundu Lissu, yesterday appealed to his party to assist him to return to the country so that he continue reinforcing the leading opposition party.

Tundu Lissu

Lissu (pictured) was speaking through video conference at the party’s central committee meeting ahead of yesterday’s election of the party national chairman and other top leaders. He told the gathering that he was physically fit and was ready to come back.

Before his speech, the party secretary general Dr Vicent Mashinji informed the meeting that the former Parliamentary Chief Whip is in the Belgian capital, Brussels, where he was receiving treatment since January 2018 after surviving an assassination attempt in September 2017. He was hit at least 16 times by unidentified assailants. 

“I appeal to you to do everything you can so that I come back home as soon as possible,” Lissu appealed to members of the party congregation.

He did not state what support he exactly wants from his party, but recently Lissu was being quoted saying he failed to return home for security concerns.In a recent interview, Lissu said that he will return home after being assured of his security by party leaders.

In the afternoon of September 7, 2017 during a parliamentary session break, Lissu, whilst in his car, was shot multiple times and seriously injured by unidentified assailants (the so-called unknown people who engaged in largely mysterious cases of kidnapping and killing) in the parking lot of his parliamentary residence in Area D, Dodoma.

Party national chairman Freeman Mbowe did not address the appeal by Lissu, and instead urged the government to call civil polls afresh to reinforce relations between people and their leaders.

The current political situation is not appealing as the country is being divided, he declared.

He also asked the office of Registrar of Political Parties to stick to rules and regulations governing political parties

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