Lissu pledges to offer free IDs 

22Sep 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Lissu pledges to offer free IDs 

CHADEMA presidential candidate Tundu Lissu has assured small-scale entrepreneurs that if elected, he will distribute the traders identification cards (IDs) for free to enable them to conduct their activities smoothly.

CHADEMA presidential candidate Tundu Lissu.

Addressing a public rally yesterday as part of his ongoing election campaigns in Ngara, Kagera Region, Lissu promised the populace that once he enters into power, he will ensure to create friendly environment to for petty traders as well as making sure that they get profits.

Lissu said that his government will establish strategies to remove all the forms of exploitation against people.

“We need to make changes in the forthcoming general election, make sure that you vote for leaders who will address your challenges. Once we take control of the country, we will make sure that you obtain the traders’ IDs for free,” he said.

Lissu queried on why the government is selling the petty trader’s IDs while knowing they are struggling to make ends meet.

He was concerned that small scale entrepreneurs do not have to pay for the IDs as the monies they get is mostly used to feed their families and contribute to the county’s development.

The presidential candidate also pledged that his government will put strong strategies to help victims of natural disasters such as floods, droughts, hunger and tsunami.

“We have the law in the country which requires the government to provide support to its people during disasters, but it has not been fully implemented,” he said.

Lissu said that in his tenure, he will make sure that the country is food sufficient as well as keeping enough stocks for victims of disasters. He said during droughts, the government will be taking food to hunger-threatened communities and sell it at lower prices.

On his way to other districts, Lissu stopped at Nyakanazi area where he addressing a gathering and marketed the party’s election manifesto.

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