Lissu-related information lands someone in court

29Sep 2017
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Lissu-related information lands someone in court

A person was taken to court yesterday in order to face charges of publishing information which claimed that the National Security Officer was spotted near the hospital at which the Chadema MP for Singida-East, Tundu Lissu has been admitted.

MP for Singida-East, Tundu Lissu.

The accused, Mbutusyo Mwakihaba, aged 40, listened as the allegations against him were read in court before the Resident Magistrate, Victoria Nongwa.

The state prosecutor, Janeth Magoho, alleged that on September 11, this year in Dar es Salaam, the accused via the Whats App social media site, wrote the following: ‘’The person is the National Security Officer whose name is Jose and he was spotted in Nairobi near the hospital at which the MP for Singida-East, Tundu Lissu, has been admitted.’’

It was also alleged that the accused sent that piece of information all the while knowing that it was a lie which could sow division in the society.

Magoho claimed that investigations into the case are not yet finished and she requested for another date when the case can be due for a mention.

Magistrate Nongwa demanded that the accused must have two trustworthy sponsors who will be able to sign the bail certificate indicating that each sponsor paid five million shillings.

The Magistrate said that the case is due for another mention on October 12, this year.

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