Lissu supports Seif for Z'bar presidency

08Sep 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Lissu supports Seif for Z'bar presidency

​​​​​​​CHADEMA presidential candidate, Tundu Lissu yesterday voiced his support for ACT-Wazalendo candidate for president of Zanzibar, Seif Sharif Hamad.

​​​​​​​CHADEMA presidential candidate, Tundu Lissu.

Lissu described Hamad as the only presidential aspirant capable of defeating the CCM candidate in the quest for the top position in the Isles.

“Let us all support the ACT Wazalendo presidential candidate. This doesn’t mean that we have betrayed our candidates, but because the man is much respected and accepted by Isles residents,”l the candidate affirmed at a campaign rally at Kibandamaiti grounds in Zanzibar.

 He pledged to protect citizens’ rights at any cost, asking the Islanders not to make any mistake on October 28th. The rights of Zanzibar residents would only be realized through the ballot boxes, he declared.

He expressed dismay over the CCM National Executive Committee to select the Zanzibar presidential candidate from a meetings in Dodoma, arguing that the presidential candidate for Zanzibar was supposed to be appointed by Zanzibaris.

Lissu claimed that most political decisions for Zanzibar are made by the government on the other side of the Union, “as Tanzania Mainland has for years been deciding who is to rule Zanzibar.”

“We should all support the candidate who is likely to win the Zanzibar presidential election,” the candidate urged, appealing to ACT Wazalendo followers to also vote for Chadema in the Union poll.

A Chadema-led government will form a peace and reconciliation commission that will help to heal sufferings the people have encountered as well as pursuing the constitutional review  process.

Chadema presidential running mate Salum Mwalimu Juma said he would diligently advise the president as well as contribute to giving Zanzibar its full autonomy.  An opposition government would compensate families which lost loved ones and bread winners in the 2001 post-demonstration killings.

A Chadema-led government will also set free the leaders of the Uamsho group who are currently detained in the Mainland.

Addressing the rally, Chadema national chairman Freman Mbowe reiterated his appeal for a free and fair general election.