Livestock policy for review to attract investments - govt

17Apr 2021
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Livestock policy for review to attract investments - govt

THE government has expressed its commitment to continue reviewing livestock policies, laws and regulations so as to put in place conducive investment environment to spur growth in the sector.

Deputy minister for Livestock and Fisheries Abdallah Ulega

Deputy minister for Livestock and Fisheries Abdallah Ulega said this yesterday in the House that the government’s intention is to ensure that the sector benefits all people including small-scale fishermen.

He was responding to a question by Neema Lugangira (Special Seats, CCM) who claimed that the current fisheries policy and legislation does not seem to meet the needs of small-scale fishermen.

The deputy minister explained that in implementing this, the ministry has been reviewing fisheries Policies, Laws and Regulations to be in line with the current needs and has been doing so regularly.

“For example, the ministry reviewed the National Fisheries Policy and its strategies of 1997 and formulated the National Fisheries Policy of 2015 which took into account the needs of stakeholders in the sector and the sustainability of fishery resources,” he said.

Ulega acknowledged that as the government is struggling to bring revolution in the livestock sector, having supportive policies and laws is a matter of paramount.

He said that the government is mulled to ensure that Tanzania become the leading country in Africa with high number of livestock thus attracting major investments.

The deputy minister also said that the government also reviewed the Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute Act no. 6 of 1980 and enacted Act No. 11 of 2016 so as to enhance research activities in the country.

“Also, in 2020 the Ministry made minor amendments (Miscellaneous amendments) to the Fisheries Act No. 22 of 2003 to strengthen the protection and participatory management of fisheries resources in the country.

He added: “The ministry continues to make significant improvements which include addressing the various concerns raised by stakeholders in the especially small-scale fishermen and aquaculture.”

He also said that the government will continue strengthening patrols and control arbitrary importation of livestock products while working to ensure fairness in business and protecting consumers.

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