Longido parliamentary poll results nullified

30Jun 2016
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Longido parliamentary poll results nullified

The High Court through its Arusha Registry here issued the ruling yesterday.

Justice Sivangilwa Mwangesi from Bukoba ruled over the issue in Arusha yesterday, citing that the Longido MP incited chaos in the voting booth and that some ballot papers were tampered with.

It was also established that electoral forms number 21c for ward councilors were used instead of the official 21b forms for parliamentary candidates, prompting the court to arrive at the decision of nullifying the results.

The ruling also means that there will be a by-election to fill the vacant post if the unseated MP exhausts all his avenues for appeal, shall he choose to do so.

Ole Nangole was declared winner of 2015 General Elections but his closest rival from the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) decided to go to court after claiming to be the actual winner before results got tampered with.

The case was filed last February by Stephen Kiruswa, who was the parliamentary candidate for Longido via the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) after crying foul during last October polls in which Ole Nangole, who had just defected from the ruling party to join the opposition, emerged the victor amid controversies.

Kiruswa who was represented by Advocates Masumbuko Lamwai, Edmund Ngemera and Daudi Haraka, had initially cited more than ten issues of irregularities during polls, including campaigning during voting day, the candidate remaining in the counting room during the night of ballot counting and foreigners casting their polls.

Other anomalies cited in the case include use of abusive language by Ole Nangole and his supporters and the fact that vehicles belonging to Chadema party were used to carry ballots papers and ballot boxes contrary to regulations.

Many of the issues that arose from the alleged irregularities include claims that a number of voting papers had been infiltrated in polling stations at night and aliens from neighbouring Kenya voting in the exercise.

Ole Nangole, on the other hand, was represented by two lawyers, Advocate Method Kimomogolo and Faustin Materu. There were also two state attorneys, Juma Ramadhani and Fortunatus Mhalila.

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