Lowassa skips poll issues in jovial Monduli return

11Mar 2019
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Lowassa skips poll issues in jovial Monduli return

 FORMER Prime Minister Edward Lowassa steered clear of discussing his political future at the weekend as he returned to his home turf for the first time since ditching the opposition party CHADEMA and rejoining CCM.

 FORMER Prime Minister Edward Lowassa.

Speaking at a grand ceremony held at CCM grounds in Monduli town in Arusha region, Lowassa left his audience guessing as he chose his words carefully, leaving out politics which has been bread and butter for his entire adult life.

The veteran politician avoided Monduli Constituency politics even as 2020 elections are just about a year away, instead sticking to other issues in a speech he read to a well-attended meeting.  

 “I don’t want to be misquoted by the press, so I will choose my words carefully and speak very little; I just want to say that I’m back home after an inspection tour of the opposition camp,” Lowassa said to rousing applause.

 Lowassa served as Member of Parliament for Monduli for 25 years, from 1990 all the way to 2015, before ditching CCM and joining CHADEMA through which he ran for the presidency under the new constitution campaign front, Ukawa and lost to CCM candidate Dr John Magufuli.

 Julius Kalanga took over the Monduli Constituency in the 2015 General Election, then running under the opposition CHADEMA party, but last year he ditched the opposition and rejoined CCM, which allowed him like scores of others, to defend his seat under the CCM ticket.

But now the ‘King has Returned’ back to the fold and the question which lingered during the pomp and fanfare of welcoming him to Monduli, was whether Lowassa will consider running again to become Monduli MP as the 2020 polls loom closer.

 He carefully avoided the subject insisting that what was important was “returning home where he belongs, in the first place. The rest is irrelevant.”

 CCM spokesman Humphrey Polepole described the former premier’s decision to return to the ruling party after three years in the opposition as a brave one which also goes to show that politics in the country was mature enough to enable people to freely choose where they want to be, and when.

 The CCM regional chairman for Arusha Region, Loata ole Sanare said the party was happy to receive back Lowassa because he used to be an important component in the region’s political scene.

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