Lukuvi: Be patient as officials verify compensation demands

21Jul 2021
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Lukuvi: Be patient as officials verify compensation demands

VILLAGERS claiming compensation of land taken by the government to pave the way for the new Bagamoyo Port and an industrial area under the Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) in Bagamoyo District have been told to be patient as the issue was still being processed before they get their benefits.

Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development minister William Lukuvi made this appeal when addressing residents in areas with land conflicts, beefing up a campaign initiated by Coast Regional Commissioner Abubakar Kunenge to eradicate all land conflicts in the region.

The minister said experts were still verifying areas that have been taken up by the government, noting that some people were already paid, and others will be paid after completing the verification exercise.

He instructed the district council to pay compensation to more than 1,000 people whose land was taken by the government, tasking the RC to make sure each district has a register of land conflict reports so that a team is formed to sort out those conflicts.

He cited Mapinga area in the district as leading in the frequency of land conflicts, a situation he said was partly due to government officials at lower levels including village governments. The conflicts have been a big headache as they threaten the peace and impact on development activities among the people, he stated.

The minister said he had already been handed names of 54 individuals claimed to be ring leaders in selling land plots in the district, who include low level government officials.

Some CCM leaders involve themselves in selling land using the party’s rubber stamps, so they need to stop that at once or stern measures will be taken against them, he further stated

RC Kunenge pledged to work on the minister’s directives to stop land grabbing in the region, hitting on the point that many land conflicts in the region were fanned by government officials and local leaders.

District Land Officer Wandeline Izima said that in the first phase of EPZA and port development work, 2,258 people were identified out of whom 1,155 received compensation for the land taken, as part of an envisaged EPZA area totaling 9,000 hectares.

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