Lulindi MP raises concern over delay in mobile network rollout

19May 2020
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
Lulindi MP raises concern over delay in mobile network rollout

​​​​​​​LULINDI MP, Jerome Bwanausi (CCM) has raised concerns over delays in mobile network rollout in uncovered villages of Sindano and Lipumburu while four more villages in the area had no installation plan for a mobile tower.

The lawmaker said there is no communication network coverage in the villages bordering Tanzania and Mozambique. He said a contractor who was awarded the job to install the telecom tower in Sindano and Lipumburu villages had not completed work.

He requested the government to highlight the timeframe in which the project will be completed.

Bwanausi, also asked the government to explain   when Nanyoyo, Chikolopolo, Mapili and Mnaviva villages will also receive a telecom tower installation.

Minister for Works, Transport and Communication Isack Kamwelwe responding yesterday told the MP that the government is implementing various projects targeting to improve access to communication services.

The minister announced that on July 2019, the state-owned firm Universal Communication Access Service Fund (UCSAF) offloaded tender for improving telecom signals in Chikolopolo ward benefiting Chikolopolo, Mapili, Mkachima, Mkaliwata and Namyomyo villages.

“It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t get a bidder,” the minister said emphasising   the project  be  among the projects that await budgets to be implemented by UCSAF during the 2019/20 financial year.

Kamwelwe says UCSAF has been working to improve communication coverage across the country, implementing projects in collaboration with service providers.

Records show that UCSAF signed an agreement with the Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation (TTCL) on the first project to improve services at Lipumburu ward. However, not all village in the ward had a quality signal.

The minister attributed the problem to topological factors as well as the size of the ward. “UCSAF signed a third agreement with TTCL and has so far released the initial funding,” he said.

Regarding Sindano project, the minister said UCSAF inked MoU with Tigo during the third phase in June 2018. Tigo had completed the installation of the telecom tower in the village last year.