Maalim’s death not the end of what he stood for - Zitto

19Feb 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Maalim’s death not the end of what he stood for - Zitto

​​​​​​​ZANZIBAR First Vice President Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad was yesterday laid to rest at Mtambwe in Pemba, while the ACT-Wazalendo leader Zitto Kabwe disclosed what he discussed with the late Hamad before he fell ill.

ACT-Wazalendo leader Zitto Kabwe.

The late Maalim Seif who was also ACT-Wazalendo National Chairman, died on Wednesday at Muhimbili National Hospital where he was admitted for treatment.

In his speech read after Hamad was laid to rest, Zitto said one day before Seif fell ill, they met and discussed various issues.

“Among others, he stressed upon me that it was now time for the party to be at the front line to cement the accord.

“I did not know that he was actually saying farewell. I also remember that on the same day he met with two Zanzibar cabinet ministers, but I do not know what they discussed,” said Zitto.

He said for sure Maalim’s departure from this world is not the end of what he stood for, but is the start in implementing his visions on the type of Zanzibar he wanted to build with all other Zanzibaris.

He said they have great hopes that his views in making Zanzibar Africa’s Singapore will be realized not long time from now.

“The national unity will continue to be honoured with justice to every Zanzibari without discrimination. ACT-Wazalendo will continue to provide its contribution to ensure Maalim Seif’s dream for Zanzibar’s prosperity, justice for Zanzibaris and unity for Zanzibaris is not extinguished,” he said.

He said the tragedy was not only heavy to Zanzibar, but also for their party and fighters of democracy within and outside the country.

“Maalim Seif was the father of multiparty democracy in the country, guardian of the upcoming youth in multiparty politics, a great believer of people’s oriented development and fighter of the rights for all Zanzibaris irrespective of party affiliation.

He said they have lost a very important person in political guardianship and a very sprightly counselor, arbitrator in party sittings who gave members the audacity to move ahead when they were about to give up due to difficult political environment in recent days.

“As we were about to give up, or to be forced to give up, we reminded ourselves of the difficult path Maalim Seif went in the fight for justice, respect and prosperity for all the people of Zanzibar and Tanzania in general.

“Every time we reminded ourselves Maalim’ Seif ordeals, we see ourselves that we still have great strength moving forward in the fight against justice and prosperity for all Zanzibaris.

He said in addition to various ‘political accidents’ he accosted during his life, he never gave up, sway or being swayed in the issue he believed in.

Zitto said: “Maalim Seif lived by his words he said in December 1987 at Tibirinzi Grounds in Pemba, 34 years before his demise. He told the people of Zanzibar: ‘I am with you now, I promise you that I will be with you while in the government or outside it, I will be with you while I am in the party or outside it.’

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