Mabula irked by poor performance of local councils Mtwara

29Jul 2021
The Guardian
Mabula irked by poor performance of local councils Mtwara

LANDS, Housing and Human Settlements Development deputy minister Dr Angeline Mabula has instructed Mtwara Region Assistant Lands Commissioner Rehema Mwinuka to make a close follow up on the performance of the land sector in region’s local councils.

The Deputy Minister gave the directives here early this week after she listened to complaints from residents of Masasi district regarding land conflicts.

Speaking at a public meeting on Monday this week, Dr Mabula said during her visit she found out much unfair treatment done by unfaithful land officers when dealing with various challenges facing them.

“Here I have discovered one thing which I must direct you to closely follow up in the local councils, there is a lot of unfair treatment to residents in regard to land issues, as many issues raised at this meeting regard misallocation of land plots, and this cannot be tolerated,” she told the Regional Assistant Land Commissioner at the meeting.

Airing their complaints before the Deputy Minister, many Masasi residents blamed some of land officials in the District for failing to perform their duties thereby contributing to numerous land conflicts in many areas.


Many of them registering their anger they said officials in the District’s land sector were the main cause for the land conflicts, sometimes even failing to implement directives from their seniors.

Patrick Kandulu, a resident of Mtandi Marambo Juu Ward in Masasi District accused the Council’s surveyor for perpetually being unavailable to go for survey of his land plot.

Other residents told Dr Mabula that they were swindled of their areas due to failure by the Council paying the monetary compensation or other land plots after their plots were taken up for various activities.

In the District, the Deputy Minister went to the fields in Mtandi Marambo Juu Ward to listen to and solve a land conflicts of one resident as well as finding solutions to over 40 land conflicts in the entire Masasi District.