Mafia village hospital faces acute shortage of staff

03Dec 2017
Beatrice Philemon
Guardian On Sunday
Mafia village hospital faces acute shortage of staff

MAFIA District Commissioner Shaib Nnunduma has acknowledged the shortage of staff at Malimbani village dispensary in the district, saying the government is working towards solving the problem.

ActionAid Programme Coordinator Samwel Mesiak

He was speaking this week after ActionAid, an international NGO, handed over a well constructed in the village that will be able to serve over 800 villagers.

He said the water well, which has been drilled at the cost of Sh3.4million, will help to keep residents free from waterborne diseases by providing them with clean drinking water.

Funded by ActionAid, the project has also been connected to Malimbani dispensary in the district.

“Right now there is staff shortage in the sectors of health, agriculture and road construction,” the DC said.

He said a number of staff being posted to work in the island did not stay long before requesting to be transferred to other areas saying this was a serious issue.

ActionAid Programme Coordinator Samwel Mesiak said their organization decided to support the village following the residents’ outcry about lack of clean and safe drinking water.

“Patients and pregnant women were forced to walk long distances of up to 3 kilometres in search of water services, which is now within their reach,” he says.

He said apart from the water well, ActionAid Tanzania has built a maternity room to help pregnant women give birth in a conducive environment while at the same time enhancing healthcare delivery in the village.

The support will go a long way to serving the majority of pregnant women and reducing neonatal deaths in Malimbani village and surrounding areas, as well as improve the health sector in Mafia District Council.

Meanwhile, Malimbani Dispensary Midwife, Fatilisa Mohamed has thanked ActionAid Tanzania for the maternity room.

She however said the maternity room was facing staff scarcity, especially doctors and other medical experts.

“Many villagers depend on a midwife because there is no doctor at the dispensary. We have only one midwife and two medical assistants (MA) and a laboratory technician,” she said.


According to him, the dispensary also had dilapidated equipment which needed replacement.

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