Magufuli orders investigation on locomotives 'dumped' at Dar port

03Jul 2017
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
Magufuli orders investigation on locomotives 'dumped' at Dar port

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday ordered security organs to investigate a circumstance where 15 train wagons were dropped by a foreign ship and dumped at the Dar es Salaam harbour with the help of port authorities.

President John Magufuli


The ‘defective’ wagons according to President Magufuli have no any supporting document that shows their country of origin and final destination.

According to the President, Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) workers facilitated the disembarking of the wagons from Messina Line Ship last week without knowing where they were heading to and they did not bother to ask for its final destination, and did so after the ship had left.

He was speaking at a ceremony to lay a foundation stone for a project to expand the Dar es Salaam port which includes construction of berths. The improvement will reduce waiting time to berths from 80hours to 30hours as well as overall productivity of the port.

“There is no way you can let a ship bring cargo here and you get involved in dropping it without knowing what is inside and where it is heading to, one day someone will bring bombs or other dangerous materials at our port and you will assist to upload the cargo”, said the President calling on security organs to make sure they get the owner of the wagons, asa well as establish its country of origin.

Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) Executive Director, Eng Deusdedit Kakoko said the train wagons were ordered by the Tanzania Railway Limited (TRL) in previous years during the Fourth phase government.

Eng Kakoko explained that some of the wagons were imported into the country before President Magufuli come into powers in October 2015, and that his government has suspended further plans by TRL and the supplier to bring the remaining wagons.

He said the government discovered some elements of corruption in the wagon’s procurement process, hence suspended it.

“We had previously received four engines from the supplier. When the government suspended the procurement plans, the supplier decided to bring the wagons and dump them at the port”, he noted.He said that TPA is consulting the Messina Line Ship for re-shipment of the wagons since they are not needed by TRL. 

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