Magufuli promises to connect all Kagera districts to national grid

17Sep 2020
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
Magufuli promises to connect all Kagera districts to national grid

​​​​​​​CCM presidential candidate Dr John Magufuli has promised that if re-elected he will connect the remaining districts of Kagera Region to the national grid.

Speaking when addressing a campaign meeting at the Gymkhana grounds in Bukoba Municipal Council yesterday Dr Magufuli said in the next five years his government will address power woes in the region especially after the completion of the Julius Nyerere hydro-power project which will generate 2,115 Megawatts.

“If you elect me again we will stop this tendency of getting electricity from neighbouring countries because we will have enough power which we will also sell it to other countries,” he said.

Kagera’s Muleba and Bukoba district are not connected to the national grid whereby they are currently using electricity from Uganda.

In another development, the presidential candidate said directed cooperative unions in Kagera Region to ensure that coffee farmers are paid their money promptly.

He said the government was keen to ensure that the farmers enjoy their sweat and promised that if re-elected he will ensure coffee auctions were held in Bukoba.

“There are reports that some of the coffee was being smuggled to a neighbouring country where the farmers are paid higher prices. This trend cannot be allowed to continue. We shall make sure that the auction is held here,” he said.

The government has already announced that farmers  who collected their coffee through cooperative unions in Kagera  Region will  be paid 12bn/-.

A report from the Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB) indicated that coffee collections during 2020/21 season had reached 79,245, tons (about 73 per cent) of cherry coffee while the target was to collect 108,000 tonnes.

As for clean coffee the collections stood at 44,695 tonnes (almost 63 per cent)  while the target was to collect 70,000 tonnes.

Farmers were being paid initial payment of 1,200/- for a kilogramme for dry cherry and 1,250/--1,500/- for a kilogramme of  parchment.

Dr Magufuli also directed the Bukoba Municipal Director, Maurice Limbe and the Bukoba District Commissioner, Deodatus Kinawiro to cooperate with officials of the Lands Ministry to ensure double allocation of plots in the Municipal Council is stopped.

He said he had reports complaints from Wananchi on double allocation of plots at Kyebitembe area.