Magufuli receives Lowassa back in CCM

02Mar 2019
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Magufuli receives Lowassa back in CCM

RETIRED prime minister Edward Lowassa, up to now a member of the central committee of the leading opposition party, CHADEMA, has bounced back to the ruling party.

Lowassa was received  by CCM Secretary General Dr Bashiru Ally in the party's sub-headquarters at Lumumba Street in Dar es Salaam, where he was also received by President John Magufuli, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa and CCM Vice Chairman (Mainland) Philip Mangula.

The former presidential candidate for CHADEMA in the past general elections was accompanied for the functionn by famous businessman and former CCM Treasurer, Rostam Aziz.

Making that announcement, Dr Bashiru said that Lowassa has decided to return to CCM starting from yesterday. "Lowassa has come back home, so we are starting work to build our nation and to safeguard our independence," he said.

He said Lowassa decided to put politics aside and join President Magufuli to bring development to the country.On his part the CCM Publicity Secretary Humphrey Polepole, interviewed on ITV, said Lowassa applied to return to CCM "and they discussed him for four hours."

The publicity secretary said Lowassa was in CCM offices yesterday during an ongoing meeting of the party leadership where he explained his decision and, after completing procedures, "it is true that they have received  him."

He said they have received Lowassa while continuing with other constitutional and CCM regulatory procedures. He said Lowassa cited his reasons for returning to CCM as his wish to see unity among Tanzanians "and is not pleased with political divisions arising from the lust for power."

Polepole said the main thing Lowassa asserted was that he didn't wish to be an opponent of the good work being done by President Magufuli, so he has decided to return to CCM for purposes of building the nation.

He similarly said that President Magufuli was happy with Lowassa rejoining CCM because he believes that "development known no parties."

The president said they ought to be united and the party is ready to work with Lowassa for purposes of development and growing the country's economy, the secretariat official noted, dismissing talk of opposition cadres being 'bought' to return to CCM.

Lowassa obtained six million votes (39.97 percent) in the past general elections against the CCM candidate's 8.8million votes (58.4 per cent of total votes). He left CCM on account of pre-selection procedure where a committee of the party secretariat reduced the list of aspirants to five, instead of National Executive Committee as it used to be done in the past.

Tumaini Makene, head of Information and Communication Department in CHADEMA headquarters said Lowassa had "used his constitutional right and we wish him all the best in his political life."

CHADEMA Secretary General Dr Vicent Mashinji said he was shocked at the decision taken by the seasoned politician.  "Tanzanian democracy is not in a good situation," he said, adding that he sees no reason for Lowassa to return to CCM as he shifted to CHADEMA for purposes of contesting for the presidency.

"When he was given that opportunity and failed he was bound to return where he came from," he added. 

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