Mahundi praises agro-firm for early delivery of fertiliser to tobacco

28Nov 2019
The Guardian
Mahundi praises agro-firm for early delivery of fertiliser to tobacco

CHUNYA District looks forward to having increased tobacco harvests in the next season because relevant fertiliser and farm inputs have been delivered to growers well in time by Petrobena East Africa Company.

Petrobena EastAfrica Managing Director Peter Kumalilwa ( R) talks with Chunya District Commissioner MaryPrisca Mahundi (L) shortly after handing over tobacco fertilizer consignment as part of season preparations.

The optimism was expressed here yesterday by Chunya District Commissioner, Mary Prisca Mahundi, when he received cargo of fertiliser and inputs from Petrobena managing director Peter Kumalilwa.

The company is a local distributor of Yara products. The company focuses on promotion of cash and food crops, especially cereals.

The DC praised the company for timely delivery of cargo, saying that the company does not only sell products but it also trains farmers on how to use the fertiliser and inputs.

Tobacco is the district’s main cash crop, and the DC said an increase in tobacco production has huge impact on the district’s economy and the welfare of residents.

“We commend you for ensuring fertilisers and other inputs reach farmers in time.  Now we believe that harvests in the coming season will increase and life and livelihoods of growers will be equally enhanced,” she said.

Kumalilwa said their company delivered the cargo in fulfillment of its pledge to ensure early delivery of tobacco fertiliser for planting and growth sustenance.

He said fertiliser have already been delivered to all tobacco growing districts on the mainland.

“We have prepared ourselves to contribute steadily and positively to national agricultural reforms and to the agro-industry strategy championed by the fifth phase government by delivering inputs and helping farmers’ access markets,” he said.

He said their company works closely with district and lower-levels leaders to increase agricultural production and remove farming hitches that often demoralise peasants.

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