Majaliwa calls for more parental responsibility

24Feb 2021
The Guardian
Majaliwa calls for more parental responsibility

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has called on parents and guardians to ensure that they reduce the children’s responsibilities at home and enable them do their homework.

Majaliwa made the call yesterday when speaking to teachers, students, and parents soon after inspecting the infrastructure of Mitope primary school in Ruangwa District.

The Prime Minister said if the children have time to study and rest it will help them to improve their academic performance and fulfill their educational dreams.

The premier urged parents and guardians to ensure that students are provided with all the necessary equipment for the school such as uniforms, notebooks as well as monitoring their academic dynamics.

“It is high time for parents to make close follow-ups and make sure that our children come to school and enter the classrooms.

We should also check their exercise books and when we see they are not doing well we should consult teachers.” For his part, Ruangwa District Commissioner, Hashim Mgandilwa has said he will make sure he works with his fellow leaders to continue to effectively manage development activities.

He also promised to continue to effectively manage all development funds provided by the government for Ruangwa District so that they can be used effectively.

Earlier, the head teacher of Mitope primary school, Margareth Mselewa said teachers are well prepared to ensure that all Standard Seven pupils pass their exams by 99 per cent. She said that in the results of last year’s examinations their school had a total of 21 students who all passed and were enrolled in secondary schools.

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