Majaliwa inaugurates a 4.2bn/- institute building in Zanzibar

10Jan 2019
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Dar es Salaam
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Majaliwa inaugurates a 4.2bn/- institute building in Zanzibar

PRIME Minister Kassim Mjaliwa has inaugurated a 4.2bn/- Karume Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) building in Zanzibar’s Magharibi ‘B’ district.

PRIME Minister Kassim Mjaliwa

The launching which was part of celebrations to mark the 55th anniversary of the 1964 Zanzibar revolution was done on Tuesday this week.


KIST provides technical education which is due to rapid technological changes in the world.


Majaliwa noted that completion of the building will enhance provision of technical education to Tanzanian youth. He said that with the technical skills, youth are likely to get jobs in the government and employ themselves.


“Tanzania requires this kind of skills to be able to achieve its 2025 middle income and industrial economy. The many factories that are going to be established throughout the country will require skilled labourers to fill the widening technical skill gaps in the market”, Majaliwa said.


Premier Majakiwa challenged KIST management to come up with new construction projects to help students learn practically.


He underscored the need for the institute management to forge relationship with other technical institutes within and outside the country to facilitate exchange of knowledge as well as students.


Majlaiwa directed them to start offering biomedical engineering course.


“We have a demand for aircraft technicians and pilots. You can start by offering such trainings at Diploma levels”, he noted.


Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Riziki Pembe Juma said this ministry will continue to invest and improve KIST so that it provides quality graduates to fit in the labour market.


She said the government has been providing graduates with soft loans to establish businesses.


“We encourage youth to form groups and prepare project write-ups before receiving the funds”, explained the minister.


KIST has set making frequent reviews of its curricula and developing new curricula and programmes to fit and fill the skill gaps that new technologies pose in order to spearhead development in the public and private sector.