Majaliwa outlaws cotton sale pact between farmers and dealers

20Jan 2018
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Majaliwa outlaws cotton sale pact between farmers and dealers

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has outlawed an agreement between cotton farmers and buyers, saying it was milking farmers of their profits.

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa

He was speaking at a rally after inspecting a health centre in Bunda district during his official tour of Mara region.

The PM said it was prohibited for cotton buyers to enter into contracts with farmers or involve themselves in farming cotton because it made it impossible for farmers to decide on prices.

“The government has decided to ensure that these cash crops profit farmers whose production is going down, including that for cotton,” he said.

He said the government will participate fully in managing cotton farming from its preparation, inputs distribution and harvesting, including marketing.

The PM directed extension officers in the region to ensure they supervised farmers in every district and taught them the required skills to ensure farmers had modern farming techniques.

Meanwhile, the PM has directed livestock keepers to ensure they minimize their herds, saying it was prohibited for them to invade areas earmarked for farming.

He said the government will not tolerate deliberate conflicts between farmers and livestock keepers, adding that harsh measures would be taken against herders who invaded farms.

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