Makonda formally booked before Ethics Secretariat

23Mar 2017
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
Makonda formally booked before Ethics Secretariat

DAR ES SALAAM regional commissioner Paul Makonda is alleged to have acquired massive wealth including posh cars from people he intimidated and blackmailed;

Paul Makonda

forged his academic certificates; and slandered citizens recklessly, according to formal charges filed against him yesterday before the Ethics Secretariat.

The charges were brought by the Mayor of Ubungo, Boniface Jacob, who said he is concerned as a resident of Dar es Salaam over the fact that although various accusations have been leveled against the controversial RC in various circles including social networks, no one has come forward so far to cleanse him of the accusations.

“I want to support (President Magufuli) on this because he (president) says we shouldn’t be dwelling on information provided via social networks…I have decided to file these charges officially and I know he (president) will support me on this,” Jacob said.

The Ubungo mayor said he is ready to provide evidence in support of the charges against Makonda if called upon to do so.

They include receiving gifts from local businessmen without reporting the gifts to the secretariat, as required by law, and blatantly misusing the office of RC – along with forging his own academic certificates.

Jacob, who was formerly mayor of Kinondoni in the city, said he earlier intended to file his case in a proper court of law, but had received requests from several members of parliament for him to wait until they (MPs) have had a chance to discuss the whole Makonda issue in parliament.

Going to court would have denied the MPs that chance, Jacob pointed out.

His charge documents against Makonda were received at the secretariat offices in Dar es Salaam by assistant ethics commissioner Dora Mgeta. They are expected to be scrutinised at secretariat level where the decision will be made whether to bring the charges before the full Ethics Commission for a proper hearing.

Makonda has made quite a name for himself for his decidedly maverick style of leadership since being appointed to the post of Dar es Salaam regional commissioner just over a year ago.

He has initiated a good number of social campaigns - some popular, some not so popular. But he became a particularly-polarising figure in January when he initiated a fresh crackdown against the city’s illegal drugs (narcotics) trade by publicly naming a number of prominent local personalities as suspected users, dealers, or contact persons.

The personalities included politicians, well-known businessmen, and popular attractions in the local entertainment industry. The fall-out from this public naming of people has included a slew of serious new allegations against him, including the claim that he forged his school certificates to hide the fact that he failed badly in both his primary and secondary school level exams.

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