Manhunt: Residents on the run after two killed in Bunds District

15Jan 2018
The Guardian Reporter
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Manhunt: Residents on the run after two killed in Bunds District

ALMOST all men in Mekomariro village in Bunda District, Mara Region have deserted their homes for fearing arrested after two men were killed.

Mara Regional Commissioner, Adam Malima

This follows an ongoing operation executed by police to nab all people who are being behind the killings of two people in Serengeti District. The two are allegedly  to have been killed by people who live in Mekomariro village of Bunda District for a land related conflict, which erupted  at an area called Mentoha whereby three districts of Bunda, Serengeti and Butiama have been claiming for the area since 1978.

Reports said that deceased  are allegedly to have forcefully taken eight cattle, which were grazing  in Mentoha area. The cattle belong to Mrangi Charicha of Mekomariro village in Bunda District.

However, those who died include Wigesa Kigine and Mwikwabe Nghebo, all residents of Remng'orori village in Serengeti District.

Among the people who are on the hideout include the ward councillor in the area and village leaders.


Police launched the operation to arrest the killers on January 12, this year in the area, the move that made people in the village mostly men to run away to the unknown destinations.

The ruling party leaders including District CCM chairman Justine Rukaka visited the area and condemned the killings of the two residents.

Rukaka said: “We’re so shocked with what happened. The action of people taking the law into their hands is intolerable. People should imbibe a culture of resolving conflicts amicably through legal procedures.”

Bunda District Commissioner, Lydia Builipili, also condemned the action by villagers of taking law in their hands, urging police to ensure that all people behind the killing were arrested.

“Make sure you arrest all the suspects from where they are hiding so that the law takes its course against the suspects,” the DC told Police in the district.

Mara Regional Commissioner, Adam Malima and Regional Police Commander, Jafari Mohamed, condemned the killings and directing that all the suspects be arrested and face justice.

RC Malima urged the remaining people in the village including women to identify people who took part in killing the two people.

The killings of the two people occurred on January 1, this year in the area.

RC Malima proposed the need for the area of the conflict to be given  to the Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) farming activities.