Many people now report incidences of gender, child abuse –Z’bar pol

15Jan 2020
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Many people now report incidences of gender, child abuse –Z’bar pol

ZANZIBAR’S Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hassan Haji has said the technological advances and use of social networks has contributed to the decrease of incidences of gender and child abuse in the Isles.

Mohamed Hassan Haji

Speaking to reporters at the weekend, he said in 2019   such incidents had  substantially decline due to many people becoming aware of their adverse effects.

He said after the wananchi became well conversant on the matter, they have been reporting them whenever they see them happen – including rape, sodomy and child abuse.

He said a total of 826 incidents were reported in 2029 compared to 786 in 2028.

The Police Commissioner said 787 suspects of the  crimes were arrested in 2029 some of which case files  pending  in courts, while others  were still with the Director of Public Prosecutions and some were still under investigations.

He explained that other reason that contributes to the commissioning of the  offences is social decay, lack of adequate education on the adverse effects of their acts as well as beliefs in superstition.

He said the police will continue to fight the vice and to ensure all perpetrators are brought to justice.

He said one of huge tasks facing the police is completion of investigations as quick as possible for the criminals to appear in court.

In 2018, a total of 942 GBV cases were reported to the Police Gender and Children’s Desks in Zanzibar, a slight decrease from the 1,041 cases reported in 2017.

Ending violence against women and children is a critical pillar of the Zanzibar joint programme that was launched in August 2018 – a development collaboration between the United Nations and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.  The programme will be implemented in Unguja and Pemba (main islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago) from 2018-2021.

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