Masasi residents happy with new TASAF water project

12Jul 2018
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Masasi residents happy with new TASAF water project

OVER 5000 villagers in Masasi District, Mtwara Region have benefited from the 8m/- water project, supported by the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) under the Public Work Programme (PWP).


Speaking yesterday in Mtwara when a team of journalists visited the project, the beneficiaries said that the project had played a significant role in uplifting people’s living standards.

“This water project has helped the community mitigate the problems arising from lack of reliable water. Residents are happy as they spend most of their time in economic activities for their development,” said Genoveva Kambanga, Mwena Village chairman.

According to Kambanga, TASAF programme has changed hundreds of lives in the village.

Cecilia Mwambe, a resident of Mwena village, commended TASAF saying: “Am very grateful for this water project because I can now access clean, safe drinking water near my home. Previously, I was travelling some kilometres away to access water which is also sold at high price.”

A 62-year-old Fatu Kindamba of Mwena village also applauded the fund saying it has helped them a lot as they now spend most of their time in other development issues.

“We commend the foundation for bringing this water well, it has solved a big part of our problem especially women who would walk long distances in search of water,” she said.

Echoing her sentiments, John Robert, a father of five said: “My family was wasting a lot of time and money looking for water. Now, with this project, my wife and children can get water easily and have ample time to perform other core duties.”

The Masasi District TASAF Coordinator Thobias Mkude said that shortage of water may affect economic activities as people spend a lot of time searching for water thus reducing productivity.

“Water shortage also affects performances in schools as students also spend a lot of time searching for it, so bringing the project nearer to the community has a great relief,” he said.

He urged the community to protect the project for their benefits and the future generation.

“Clean water is critical to all sectors. It is an important need for any human being, so while we continue deploying new solutions to address water challenges, communities should make sure that they work on protecting the project,” he added.

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