Maternal health workers urged to abide by quality service delivery

15Feb 2020
The Guardian
Maternal health workers urged to abide by quality service delivery

​​​​​​​PRINCIPAL Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender,Elders and Children Dr Zainabu Chaula has directed all hospitals, health centers and dispensaries in Kigoma Region to adhere to excellence in maternal health services delivery to reduce the number of maternal deaths.

Dr Zainabu Chaula.

Speaking during her visit at Bangwe dispensary in Kigoma-Ujiji municipality Dr Chaula said 80 percent of women who give birth do not have major complications upon delivery and that is why they do so safely at home.

“Twenty percent have delivery complications that require close observation, and that is why we want all pregnant women to give births at hospitals so that those with complications can be identified for appropriate surveillance,” she said.

She also called upon hospital workers in the maternity department to be close to expectant women about to give birth as that would enable them to know their conditions and if there are any signs for complications, then they should be referred to other hospitals with appropriate facilities.

Diamon Sadick, a Health ministry official said in the five years period since 2015 the ministry has been using Results-based Financing (RBF) plan that aims to reduce maternal deaths.

“The plan that begins at dispensary level, health centre and hospital continues to benefit nine regions in the country that were identified to have high rates of maternity deaths – eight in the lake Zone and Coast Region,” Sadick said.

He said the funds are issued according to the need to ensure its aims are met as well as providing the impetus to staff after proving that they deserve from achievements realized.

The ministry’s Director for Cure, Grace Magembe called upon dispensaries to have targets to improve work excellence so that they can attain “three” or “four star’ status in service delivery.

Senior Medical Officer at Kigoma dispensary, Godlove Myinga said RBF funding for 2017 and 2018 was 27.45m/- that was used to improve service delivery at the dispensary.