Mbarali council purchases 20 houses from NHC for its staff

31Jul 2020
The Guardian
Mbarali council purchases 20 houses from NHC for its staff

​​​​​​​MBARALI District Council in Mbeya Region has purchased for its workers 20 houses valued at 990m/- from the National Housing Corporation (NHC) located in Lugelele Ward.

Mbarali District Commissioner Reuben Mfune.

Speaking early this week during the handing over function, Mbarali District Commissioner Reuben Mfune said the houses will enable council workers live in peace to perform their duties as required.

He said the council agreed to enter into agreement with NHC to pay for the houses starting 2015 to 2020 and that within a week from now all council staff eligible to occupy the houses should do so as quickly as possible.

He said in the houses allocation the first priority are health staff working at the new district hospital on reason that it is 1.5km from the housing estate, and the remainders will be allocated to other council staff.

The Council’s Planning Officer, Emmanuel Kishimbo said the council bought the houses for 990m/- and so far they have 100m/- and plan to pay another 50m/- from the council’s internal income for FY 2019/2020 and that for FY 2020/2021 it has allocated 150m/- for the houses.

NHC manager for Mbeya Region Said Bungala said they built the houses in implementing their duty in ensuring Tanzanians get housing for accommodation and business.

He said in Igawa area in the District NHC has built 20 houses each costing 49.5m/-.