Mbeya City Council to collect 74.9bn/- in 2021/22 fiscal year

22Feb 2021
The Guardian
Mbeya City Council to collect 74.9bn/- in 2021/22 fiscal year

MBEYA City Council is planning to collect a total of 74.9bn/- in the 2021/22 fiscal year from   internal revenue sources including tax collections, the city’s executive director Amede Ng’wanidako has said.

Amede Ng’wanidako.

The director said here during   the councilors meeting  at the weekend to discuss the budget proposals and estimates for the forthcoming fiscal year.

He said among the funds, 16.6bn/ will be from internal revenue, 49.5bn/-, a grant from the central government for staff salaries, 1.6bn/- is for recurrent expenditure and 3.5bn/- is the implementation of several projects.

“The council expects to receive 2.8bn/- to finance   free education programme. We also expect to collect 1.2bn/- from the community to support implementation of various development projects,” he said.

The city’s director called on the councilors to support the council and enable it to achieve its goals so as to facilitate the implementation of development projects in various wards in the city.

Some of the councilors urged the city’s management to supervise and ensure that the budget plan is implemented well so as to transform the city.

Hamphrey Ngalawa, Iwambi councillor said the council’s executives and staff have to work hard to achieve the revenue collection target so as to build trust to the public.

“We have to ensure that we implement what we promised during the 2020 General Elections, people are just waiting to see if we will do what we said during our campaigns, so let us work hard to bring changes in the city,” he said.

Mary Malema, Special Seats councilor said the budget proposal has prioritized improvement in the education sector which includes construction of enough classrooms and toilets in primary and secondary schools.

“Education is one of the essential and sensitive areas which needs intensive investments as it carries the future of our children and the nation at large, unfortunately, the sector is facing several challenges which have been affecting development of the sector,” she said.

Mbeya city Mayor Sheikh Doul Issa Mohammed urged the councilors to support the government in educating the public on the importance of taking preventive measures to fight respiratory diseases. 

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